Durante l’assemblea scientifica generale annuale dei membri della Emergency Nurses Association sono presenti i delegati degli Stati Mondiali nei quali ENA è presente. Vengono promosse diverse iniziative che per essere realizzate necessitato del voto favorevole di almeno il 51% dei delegati presenti. La risoluzione 00-01, sostenuta dai delegati di: California, Missouri, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, tutti ENA State Council, si riferisce alla possibilità che la N.O.E. diventi ENA Italian State Council. Gli stati che sostengono tale risoluzione chiedono al Presidente della N.O.E. di esprimere al pubblico presente in sala come N.O.E. ha proceduto fino a oggi e come intende procedere in favore della crescita professionale degli operatori dell’emergenza. Al termine del discorso, durato circa 15 minuti, si procede alla votazione: 98% sono i voti favorevoli e N.O.E. viene promossa "ENA Italian State Council". Un evento unico, in trent’anni di storia dell’ENA non si era mai verificato, un Infermiere Italiano ha fatto crollare il muro di diffidenza (anche se giustificata) dell’ENA nell’aprirsi anche all’Europa e ad altri Paesi del mondo.

Resolution #00-01 International Councils - General Assembly Sep. - 20;21 - 2000, Chicago


WHEREAS, The Emergency Nurses Association is the voice of Emergency  Nursing within the United States; and

WHEREAS, The Emergency Nurses Association represents the interests and impacts the practice of Emergency  Nurses nationwide; and

WHEREAS, The Mission Statement of the Emergency Nurses Association " is to provide visionary leadership for Emergency  Nursing and emergency care;" and

WHEREAS, The Emergency Nurses Association mission encompasses the following value, "Respect for diversity of patients and colleagues is inherent to Emergency Nursing practice and emergency care;" and

WHEREAS, The Vision Statement of the Emergency Nurses Association is "Defining the future of Emergency Nursing and Emergency  Care through advocacy, expertise, innovation, and leadership;" and

WHEREAS, The Emergency Nurses Association has actively pursued educational and certification aspects of Emergency Nurses  throughout the world; and

WHEREAS, That education has been positively accepted by Emergency Nurses practicing throughout the world; and

WHEREAS, Emergency Nurses abroad have voiced an interest in becoming active members of the Emergency  Nurses Association; and 

WHEREAS, The sharing of information among Emergency Nurses on a national and international basis would be beneficial to both parties; and

WHEREAS, The Emergency Nurses Association is continually searching for opportunities for positive growth; and

WHEREAS, The Emergency Nurses Association has the capability to be the international voice of Emergency Nursing; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Emergency Nurses Association Board of Directors investigate the potential of International Councils of Emergency Nurses within the structure of the Emergency Nurses Association with supporting data and potential mechanisms for implementation to be delivered before this General Assembly at its next session in 2001.


The Emergency Nurses Association has developed an outstanding reputation as the voice of Emergency Nursing. As in other venues of life around us, our population of professional colleagues has developed in many dimensions. We recognized that our name, The Emergency Department Nurses Association (EDNA), must change (1985) to more accurately reflect our diverse practice, thus the EDNA became the ENA as we discovered that our practice was not confined to the walls of an emergency department. Our professional affiliations have now begun to exceed not only those "walls" within health care institutions, but also the boundaries of our geographical location. Our "community" is now a global society and over the past decade ENA has found itself responding to the needs of not only those of us who practice within the United States, but also our international counterparts as requests were made for information, education, and for collegiality.

Leaders in our organization have been asked to speak at conferences in international locations and we have enjoyed contingencies of Emergency Nurses from around the world at our assemblies for many years. We have included these international colleagues as speakers at Scientific Assembly and we have included an international member on the Annual Meeting Committee. We also are involved in the International Nursing Conference every two years.

Currently we have 385 international members representing the following  countries :

Australia Holland Kenya Portugal
Belgium Hong Kong Korea Republic of China
Bermuda Iceland Netherlands Saudi Arabia
Brazil India New Zealand Spain
Canada Ireland Nigeria Sweden
England Israel Norway Switzerland
Finland Italy Oman United Arab
Germany Japan Philippines Emirates


ENA's Mission Statement is "to provide visionary leadership for Emergency Nursing and emergency care." Within that Mission Statement, one of the listed values is "Respect for diversity of patients and colleagues is inherent to Emergency Nursing practice and emergency care." In today's world of a global community, we cannot define ". . . the future of Emergency Nursing and emergency care through advocacy, expertise, innovation, and leadership (Vision Statement)" without respecting and including our international colleagues as they too face the myriad challenges of Emergency Nursing. By sharing ourselves and learning from each other, we become an even stronger voice for ourselves and for our patients and their loved ones.


Costs related to implementation might include international phone calls, conference calls and travel as approved by the Board. The utilization of e-correspondence would facilitate this aspect.


If passed, the Board of Directors will be charged with the responsibility of investigating the potential of international councils within the structure of the Emergency Nurses Association. These considerations will then be presented for review and possible acceptance at the General Assembly in 2001.


2000 ENA Membership Committee: Pat Clutter, RN, MEd, CEN, Chairperson Ellen Encapera, RN, CEN, MICN Terry Foster, RN, MSN, CEN, CCRN Catherine Fox, RN, CEN Benjamin E. Marett, RN, MSN, CEN, CAN, COHN-S, ENA Board Liaison.

California ENA State Council
Missouri ENA State Council
South Carolina State Council
Maryland State Council
Virginia ENA State Council




Section 3: Composition
The Board of Directors shall be composed of eleven (11) voting members and one (1) non-voting member.

  1. Officers:

    1. Description: There shall be three (3) voting Officers: President, President-Elect, and Secretary/Treasurer.

    2. Eligibility Requirements:

      1. Each Officer must be a current Active Member of the Association and must have been an Active Member for three (3) consecutive years prior to election.

      2. Each candidate for President-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer must currently serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors.