Emergency nursing 2000 and beyond

An international conference to celebrate advances in emergency care

 James Watt Centre, Heriot Watt University, Edimburgh, Scotland, UK

 ...nei giorni 17, 18, 19, 20 agosto 2000...

la N.O.E., nella persona del suo Presidente

RN CEN Michele Angilletta

ha firmato 


Nurses of Emergency entra cosė a far parte ufficialmente del grande team costituitosi a Washington, DC nell'ottobre 1999 insieme al ROYAL COLLEGE OF NURSING OF UNITED KINGDOM & ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY NURSING ASSOCIATION & E.N.A. EMERGENCY NURSES ASSOCIATION

e numerose altre organizzazioni che rappresentano i professionisti dell'emergenza nei diversi Stati del Mondo...

...Edimburgh, Aug. 17, 2000...


...People all over the world benefit from the expert care of nurses in emergency settings.

...During the last part of the twentieth century emergency nurses worldwide have bee coming together to share their experiences, ideas and hopes for the future.

...Emergency nurses are already succeeding in improving the care they give to patients by reaching international agreement on specialist education and training in this important field of nursing.

...As we enter the twenty-first century, let us the opportunity to join together and affirm that we share the following principles, in a script of partnership and mutual respect.

- To promote the value of emergency nursing worldwide, to the family of nursing, fellow health workers and the communities we serve.

- To promote the science and art of emergency nursing worldwide.

- To promote co-operation and friendship among emergency nurses worldwide.

- And to do this through every channel available, including local, national and international nursing organizations, traditional and new forms of communication and decision-making bodies everyewhere.